1. I’d love to have my Mommy Me Yoga class (donation based) and La Leche League breastfeeding support group meetings (once a month) posted on this website. How do you get these posted on your calendar? Thanks!

      1. Mommy Me Yoga is every Tuesday from 9:30-10:15 at First Christian Church on Rivermont Avenue. No prior yoga experience is necessary. It is for pregnant moms or moms/dads with kids of any age. It is only $1.00 per person to support the class. Class is sponsored by La Leche League of Lynchburg, the local breastfeeding support group. Breastfeeding is not required to attend, but it is a wonderful resource to provide one-on-one support for nursing moms. It is a great way to exercise, meet other moms and their kids, and bond with little ones. If interested, please register by 12:00 noon the Monday before class at

        1. I’m pregnant and I’ve been looking for prenatal yoga in the area. My daughter will be in Pre-K during those hours. Do you have to bring your children to attend?

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