Spring Photo Locations in Lynchburg, VA

Old City Cemetery 1

By Liz Cook, Sincerely Liz Photography


As a photographer, one of my favorite things about living in Lynchburg is that there are endless options for photo session locations around town. But even better? Us Virginians are blessed with four distinct weather seasons changing the scenery year round which brings a newness to my outdoor office every few months. I am SO grateful for this perk!


No matter what time of year, you can always find an urban, country, garden or even mountain view for the background of your pictures here in Lynchburg. I’ve put together a list of my favorite locations to frequent for photo sessions during the spring. Each location offers a different style, so hopefully there’s one that will inspire you to dress up your kiddos and drag them out for a few new head shots!


Old City Cemetery

Don’t let the word cemetery deter you! This is a beautiful location with nooks and crannies everywhere! It is full of greenery, blooming flowers and even has a little frog pond. It offers a great spring-like feel. There’s a wonderful mountain view right at the start of the cemetery as well, so you will have great variety all in one location.

Old City Cemetery 2


Old City Cemetery 3




Downtown Lynchburg

There are a lot of different looks and feels available in downtown Lynchburg. With brightly colored buildings (think Amazement Square!), brick roads, and even the bike trail at Percival’s Island (and the red LOVE sign!), I am able to offer my clients an “all in one” option for their sessions. Although I’ll admit one of my favorite parts about shooting downtown is that my husband can meet me after sessions for a little dinner date. 🙂

Downtown Lynchburg 1


Downtown Lynchburg 2




Riverside Park

This is my favorite place to take advantage of new seasonal foliage – in all seasons! With walking trails, a view of the James River and even a few different gardens available, this park offers a great variety of backdrops for your session. But the top reason I love it? I can ALWAYS find shade – no matter the time of day. Finding even shade is important for good pictures! However, this location is also full of playground options so if you have little ones that you think may be distracted, you may want to choose a different location or use the playgrounds to bribe the kiddos to say “cheese!” I’m definitely not opposed to bribing. 🙂

Riverside Park 1


Riverside Park 3





The Awareness Garden

At entrance of the Black Water Creek Trail off of Lakeside Drive there is a beautiful garden with a stone walkway, benches, and even a pergola. This Awareness Garden is dedicated to sharing cancer awareness. The website states “Visitors are encouraged to ring the bell three times to celebrate the end of treatment or to remember a loved one, or to bring hope for a cure for all.” This brings about a new definition of beauty. Although, as a photographer, I have to confess my personal favorite part is the beautiful light that abounds in the evening. Photo sessions scheduled nearest sunset at this location are bound to be sprinkled with soft, glowy light as well as beautifully manicured florals. However, each frame snapped at this location ultimately carries with it the spirit of the garden, which in turn creates a magical sort of beauty for your photographs, am I right?

Awareness garden 1


Awareness garden 2



I hope this helps you find your own unique little nook for your pictures this spring. Wherever you go, focusing on good shade and glowing light should help guarantee great final pictures. However, nothing is more important than a good subject!


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