12 things you should {definitely} do in Lynchburg in 2015


Do you make new year’s resolutions? Sometimes I do… but I usually have a hard time sticking with them. Not this time. Here are 12 Lynchburg resolutions that will help you enjoy our beautiful city. And they will make your 2015 awesome.


1. Go to Market at Main and eat a Lynch-Burger. Just to say you did. And because it’s delicious. And you won’t regret it.


Photo credit: lynchburgeats.com



2. Get acquainted with the Blackwater Creek Trail. Its 300 acres stretch from the James River through Rivermont and out to Langhorne Road. And you don’t have to do the whole thing. There are plenty of entrances and it is seriously beautiful. Bike it. Walk it. Love it.

Blackwater Creek Trail



3. Volunteer at a local charity like the Lynchburg Daily Bread. Giving back to our community comes in many shapes and sizes. You don’t have to give up your full-time job to volunteer. Just find a time that works for you and commit to it. Lynchburg will be a better place because of you.

Lynchburg Daily BreadPhoto credit: lynchburgdailybread.com



4. Climb the steps at monument terrace. It’s a memorial to locals who have fought in foreign wars. And the view from the top is quite memorable.

Monument TerracePhoto credit: discoverlynchburg.com



5. Visit Poplar Forest. Smell the boxwood shrubs and soak in the historic ambiance while you admire Thomas Jefferson’s craftsmanship.

Poplar Forest



6. Get an iced chai tea from Joe Beans. It’s positively delish. And as native to Lynchburg as ChapStick. (P.S. ChapStick was invented in Lynchburg. Seriously… I’m not lying. Google it.)

Chai Tea

Photo credit: Joe Beans Express Espresso



7. Slowly stroll through the Lynchburg Community Market. Look at the artwork and goods created by Lynchburg locals. Our city has some serious talent, y’all.

Lynchburg Community Market

Photo credit: lynchburgmarket.blogspot.com



8. Pick your own produce from a local farm like Yoder’s. Fresh air, sunshine, and locally-sourced fruits and veggies? Yes, please.

Yoders Farm



9. Enjoy the view from the bridge to Percival’s Island. There’s even a cool Lynchburg tradition at the overlook: couples are hanging locks with their initials on the bridge to signify their love and dedication. Cool date night idea? I think so.

Percivals Island Overlook



10. Find a good book at Given’s Books and read it. In the digital age, it’s refreshing to smell the print and flip through the pages of an old classic.

Givens Books

Photo credit: givensbooks.com



11. You haven’t really lived until you’ve tried a Cheesy Western from Texas Inn. And now that there are two locations to choose from, you’re running out of excuses not to go.

Texas InnPhoto credit: Sincerely Liz Photography 



12. Keep your eyes and your heart open. It may sound cliché, but Lynchburg is only as great as the people who live here. Be the good you want to see in this city. Help your neighbors. Give generously. Take time to notice and appreciate the little things. Love Lynchburg.

Be Great Lynchburg


  1. as a volunteer at Old City Cemetery may I recommend a visit there this year. There are many amazing things to see and the children will love the swing at the Pecan tree.

  2. Come to the Common Grounds Cafe. Open every Friday morning from 8:00 to 11:30, serving mostly local, mostly organic food. An all volunteer, nonprofit cafe, that is working hard at being welcoming to all ages, especially parents with young children. Guests are not charged for meals, but donations for food and service are accepted. Donated money goes toward supporting local programs that serve children. We opened in November of 2014 and have already given away $6,900.

    1. Where is Common Grounds Café? Sounds like something I’d like to check out next time I’m off on a Friday 🙂

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